February 17, 2013

Weekend Homework

Now that Riley is in Year 7 he has homework to do on the weekend. We have a rule that all homework has to be finished by 8pm so he doesn't leave it til the last minute. 

He does his homework on the dining room table but is so easily distracted by what everyone else is doing. I am working on getting him his own room so he can do his work on his own desk in peace.

Riley is great at writing down in his diary what needs to be done and  has handed all of his things in on time, I think he is worried about getting in trouble for not having it finished. Today he had Maths, Religion, Science and Geography, about 15-20 minutes work for each. Normally his diary is much neater than this but he seems to be able to read it.

On the left is the religion homework, to colour in the Australia map, and on the right is the safety poster he did for Science.

He has always been very good at getting his homework done quickly and efficiently but now most of his work is on the iPad he is taking alot longer to get things done. 

October 17, 2012

The Week That Was...

My first attempt so let's see how I go

Riley was up and dressed very early so he could have a game of Minecraft before school. Nate chose to relax a little in his PJ's.

Jack and Ben from across the road spent some time watching Cooper play Minecraft, the boys are crazy for it at the moment.

Homework was completed without a lot of grief.

The money wallet I bought from Etsy is working a treat but I am finding it tough to stick to my budget.

The boys headed to Canberra for the annual Scott 24 hour bike race. They were stoked they got to leave school early.

Darren found this photo of himself on Flickr and Shan thought he would have a little fun adding his own touch to it.

 Nate did most of the artwork for The Steel Eggs, Darren brought it home as a souvenir

Darren was stoked with his T-shirt and beanie

I treated Cooper to a blue donut and milkshake after a bit of shopping.

Hel and I celebrated her birthday with a day of shopping and a nice lunch at Shellharbour Square.

I planned my shopping list for my visit to IKEA, I got most items on my list.

Cooper and I fed the horses outside Rechelle's house, it was such a beautiful afternoon.

October 15, 2012

At this moment...

- I am typing up this post and thinking I need to type up more of my life stories
- Riley is playing Minecraft with Boyd and Ben (neighbours) sitting right beside him watching
- Cooper is riding his scooter out the front after wolfing down his dinner so he could go back out and play. He is very excited about his swimming lesson is 30 minutes
- Darren and Nathan are at cubs. They had to start early today as Darren is assistant cub leader and Baloo wants to sort out the terms activities
- My dinner is sitting on the stove ready for when i get back from swimming, Minestrone with Zucchini and Lentils, a 12wbt recipe, so easy to make.
- The clothes line is full after washing all of the clothes from the boys biking weekend
- There is a pile of sleeping bags by the french doors waiting for Darren to put them away.
- I am uploading my August photos to Flickr and thinking about how I am going to change my way of documenting my photos
- My office area is immaculate after purging things that are no longer useable for me, I actually enjoy spending time in here now it is clutter free
- I have 12 IKEA frames sitting on my dining table ready for a photo gallery project for the dining room. I have to select 12 holiday photos, like the one below, so excited to get it up

July 20, 2010

Last Day of Winter Holidays

Cooper couldn't believe the garbage trucks hadn't been to empty the bins by the time he had finished morning tea. Normally they have been by that time, he kept looking out the window to see if it was coming.

Jared also had the day off school, for a pupil free day, so mum brought him up to have a play with the boys. They rode down to the jump, played army games and also had a go on the Playstation, playing Ninja Turtles.

While the boys were playing army games Cooper got his bike out to practice his riding. He was so proud of himself as he rode all the way up the lane way and then managed the turn all by himself. I had to help him do the tight turn but he did about 6 laps, he even didn't want Nathan's help.

Mum wasn't feeling that well, I think she got the cold from us but I wasn't owning up, she came outside anyway but was really rugged up as there was a chilly wind blowing.

July 15, 2010

Week 2 Day 4 Winter Holidays

Cooper loved helping me this morning load all of Darren's bike clothes into the machine, he wanted to do the powder but I wouldn't let him as I didn't fancy a mess.

After dropping Cooper off at pre-school we went to Harvey Norman to get my new point and shoot camera, a Canon S90.  While the boys were playing the Playstation 3 I had a look at some Nikon DSLR's, mainly the D90 and D5000 after reading some reviews on the internet. I also had a look at the Canon's since I have a couple of nice lenses already. I am not sure which way to go when I upgrade my camera and so I will keep doing more research until I can decide but I don't think I should take so long as Darren has his eye on a new road bike.

My first photo with my new camera. It is so tiny I put the wrist strap on straight away.

 I love that I can listen to my iPhone in my car, it is one of my favourite features.

After taking a little too long camera browsing we met up with Emma and the kids at Playmaze where the kids ran around crazy for 2 and a half hours and Emma and I enjoyed a coffee and scones. I tried taking some photos of the boys using my new camera and much to my horror the lens froze up. I ended up getting a replacement as even Shane couldn't get it working while the boys played over at Kial's. 

I cooked up a batch of Anzac biscuits for Darren to take to work for morning tea. I used Nanny's recipe and Riley was hovering over them waiting for them to cool.

While I made the bisuits the boys played the Wii.

Darren picked up Cooper from school, had a biscuit or two then started browsing for bikes while I finished making dinner. He loves to dream about his next bike, especially since Harvo just bought himself a new one.

July 14, 2010

Week 2 Day 3 Winter Holidays

I woke up tired and didn't want to get up this morning, I didn't get out of bed until around 8am, Cooper woke me up at 3:30am and I had to change his clothes before putting him back in Nathan's bed and because it was so windy it took me a while to get back to sleep.

We all enjoyed a quiet morning as Riley slept at mum's last night with Jared and two kids are always quieter than three. Nate enjoyed having the Wii all to himself while Cooper played garbage bins.
On Sunrise I was shocked to find out that our gas, water and electricity bills are to go up 64% in the next five years. It got me thinking how we can reduce our usage to keep our bills down.

Benson had been barking all morning at the wind and the electricity man, I think he barked non stop for around 3 hours, his bark actually sounded a little hoarse.

Cooper and I made a Apple and Almond cake for morning tea. I was careful but still managed to over cook it as I usually do with cakes.

After lunch I picked up Dylan and we met mum and the boys at Warrawong to see Shrek Fore. Cooper was jumping up and down with excitment as he was so excited. I have to say I really enjoyed the movie and had a few chuckles.

We didn't get home from Kay's until 5pm so I decided to make burritos for dinner, Riley was pleased as it is his favourite dinners. The boys also enjoyed a slinky apple and huge bowl of yoghurt for dessert.

Darren got home from work early tonight and inspected his bikes that had fallen off the wall during the night, I think they were all ok. I nearly had a heart attack when I went in the garage and found his bike on the floor next to my car, thankfully it didn't hit the car on the way down.

He went for a night ride to Appin with a mate from work, he was a little nervous as the last time he rode at night in Appin he had a big stack. He finally got around to packing his night lights into a new hard case especially designed for the lights. Luckily the lights are ok as they were on his rode bike that fell of the wall.

The boys enjoyed playing mummy and daddy's for an hour before bed as Darren got them in their PJ's before he left. Cooper was off to sleep pretty quickly but Riley and Nate were talking for ages, I think they missed each other.

I managed to get two loads of washing done and I also took Benson for a walk for even though it was windy it wasn't too cold to be outdoors.

July 13, 2010

Week 2 Day 2 Winter Holidays

Once we got Cooper to preschool I had to get a load of undies and socks on, the boys didn't have any socks left in their drawers. They asked me if they could play with the textas since Cooper was at preschool and they would be careful.

I asked them to build their best gun so I could get a photo of them with it. Riley got the backpacks out so they could play Runescape, which involved packing their bags with drink bottles and some fruit.

I let the boys choose a treat each at the shops this morning, Riley chose a packet of Mentos chewing gum and Nathan chose toffee apples, they were surprised to find out there was an apple inside.

We had donuts for morning tea and pizza for lunch using some new shredded ham I bought.

Grandma called up and invited us down to Kay's for coffee. I went to Woolies to get a lasagna and a toffee apple for Jared while the boys played in the trees with Jared. Riley stayed with Grandma as he was staying at her house with Jared so they could go to Op Shop in the morning.