November 04, 2014

Whole Food Plant Based Diet

Could this really be it?

I saw on Facebook that Libby was attending a cooking class that looked interesting but I didn't follow it up. Jody messaged me while I was in Florida asking if I was in and I replied "yes" without even knowing anything about it.

Jody picked me up at 2pm and we spent the afternoon in Berry, had a wonderful lunch, a veggie burger and fries for me, the aioli was indeed delicious. Jody always has me in stitches with tears running down my face.

After lunch we wandered around the shops but most them were closed, we saw a few things that we liked so it was good they were shut, saved us some money.

We had an hour to kill so we sat and chatted in the car, Libby and Kevin arrived and Jody and I had a giggle as Libby was blogging as they arrived. 

Within the first few minutes, Adam the chef, had my attention, he was going to cook a Mussaman curry, and overnight oats. My first thought was "that's what I eat!", I was going to enjoy this class. The fruit and vegetables he had set up looked so colourful and delicious, why can't I eat these everyday? 

This is what Adam recommends to eat, no eggs, no oil, no meat, no dairy. He looked so healthy and I was shocked to learn he had a heart attack at 39.

Our dinner, potato and pumpkin massaman curry with grated salad and brown basmati rice (I can eat grains!)

Dessert was equally delicious, my favourite was the banana blueberry ice cream.

Over the next two days I read and watched videos on whole food vegan cooking and made numerous trips to Woolies. I tried to make a green smoothie but my blender blew up and my food processor only chopped the greens so it looked like lawn clippings, I ended up tipping it down the sink as it was awful.

I tried to recreate the grated salad and while it didn't taste as good as Adam's it was still nice and filled me up.

Dinner was leftover Dhal and cauliflower and peas (from my favourite Indian cookbook). Cooper loved my Dhal and even ate the pumpkin I put in it.

It has been a few days and I think the hardest thing for me to eliminate is going to be eggs and oil as I love to bake. I have had a big headache and I have learnt to have my coffee black, I just cannot stomach milk after what he told us.

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