October 15, 2012

At this moment...

- I am typing up this post and thinking I need to type up more of my life stories
- Riley is playing Minecraft with Boyd and Ben (neighbours) sitting right beside him watching
- Cooper is riding his scooter out the front after wolfing down his dinner so he could go back out and play. He is very excited about his swimming lesson is 30 minutes
- Darren and Nathan are at cubs. They had to start early today as Darren is assistant cub leader and Baloo wants to sort out the terms activities
- My dinner is sitting on the stove ready for when i get back from swimming, Minestrone with Zucchini and Lentils, a 12wbt recipe, so easy to make.
- The clothes line is full after washing all of the clothes from the boys biking weekend
- There is a pile of sleeping bags by the french doors waiting for Darren to put them away.
- I am uploading my August photos to Flickr and thinking about how I am going to change my way of documenting my photos
- My office area is immaculate after purging things that are no longer useable for me, I actually enjoy spending time in here now it is clutter free
- I have 12 IKEA frames sitting on my dining table ready for a photo gallery project for the dining room. I have to select 12 holiday photos, like the one below, so excited to get it up

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