October 17, 2012

The Week That Was...

My first attempt so let's see how I go

Riley was up and dressed very early so he could have a game of Minecraft before school. Nate chose to relax a little in his PJ's.

Jack and Ben from across the road spent some time watching Cooper play Minecraft, the boys are crazy for it at the moment.

Homework was completed without a lot of grief.

The money wallet I bought from Etsy is working a treat but I am finding it tough to stick to my budget.

The boys headed to Canberra for the annual Scott 24 hour bike race. They were stoked they got to leave school early.

Darren found this photo of himself on Flickr and Shan thought he would have a little fun adding his own touch to it.

 Nate did most of the artwork for The Steel Eggs, Darren brought it home as a souvenir

Darren was stoked with his T-shirt and beanie

I treated Cooper to a blue donut and milkshake after a bit of shopping.

Hel and I celebrated her birthday with a day of shopping and a nice lunch at Shellharbour Square.

I planned my shopping list for my visit to IKEA, I got most items on my list.

Cooper and I fed the horses outside Rechelle's house, it was such a beautiful afternoon.

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