July 15, 2010

Week 2 Day 4 Winter Holidays

Cooper loved helping me this morning load all of Darren's bike clothes into the machine, he wanted to do the powder but I wouldn't let him as I didn't fancy a mess.

After dropping Cooper off at pre-school we went to Harvey Norman to get my new point and shoot camera, a Canon S90.  While the boys were playing the Playstation 3 I had a look at some Nikon DSLR's, mainly the D90 and D5000 after reading some reviews on the internet. I also had a look at the Canon's since I have a couple of nice lenses already. I am not sure which way to go when I upgrade my camera and so I will keep doing more research until I can decide but I don't think I should take so long as Darren has his eye on a new road bike.

My first photo with my new camera. It is so tiny I put the wrist strap on straight away.

 I love that I can listen to my iPhone in my car, it is one of my favourite features.

After taking a little too long camera browsing we met up with Emma and the kids at Playmaze where the kids ran around crazy for 2 and a half hours and Emma and I enjoyed a coffee and scones. I tried taking some photos of the boys using my new camera and much to my horror the lens froze up. I ended up getting a replacement as even Shane couldn't get it working while the boys played over at Kial's. 

I cooked up a batch of Anzac biscuits for Darren to take to work for morning tea. I used Nanny's recipe and Riley was hovering over them waiting for them to cool.

While I made the bisuits the boys played the Wii.

Darren picked up Cooper from school, had a biscuit or two then started browsing for bikes while I finished making dinner. He loves to dream about his next bike, especially since Harvo just bought himself a new one.

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