July 13, 2010

Week 2 Day 2 Winter Holidays

Once we got Cooper to preschool I had to get a load of undies and socks on, the boys didn't have any socks left in their drawers. They asked me if they could play with the textas since Cooper was at preschool and they would be careful.

I asked them to build their best gun so I could get a photo of them with it. Riley got the backpacks out so they could play Runescape, which involved packing their bags with drink bottles and some fruit.

I let the boys choose a treat each at the shops this morning, Riley chose a packet of Mentos chewing gum and Nathan chose toffee apples, they were surprised to find out there was an apple inside.

We had donuts for morning tea and pizza for lunch using some new shredded ham I bought.

Grandma called up and invited us down to Kay's for coffee. I went to Woolies to get a lasagna and a toffee apple for Jared while the boys played in the trees with Jared. Riley stayed with Grandma as he was staying at her house with Jared so they could go to Op Shop in the morning.

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omg are all these blogposts showing up in my bloglines just now??? how has it missed all these great posts?