June 23, 2009

Another late night

I was doing some grocery shopping when I got a phone call from Darren "Mel you need to come home Cooper has split his head open in the shower" click.

So I race home to find Cooper with a clump of blood soaked hair and the other two boys crying. They were playing in the shower and Cooper got knocked onto the tile edge and had cut his head. After sweet talking Cooper we managed to lift his hair to see if he needed stitches and sure enough there was a big cut about 2cm long. When Riley heard us say that Cooper needed stitches he burst into another round of tears, he remembered his own experience of getting stitches a few years ago.

Darren and the boys took Cooper and I into casualty. We only had an hour wait til we got a bed, Cooper was happily walking around the pay area of the emergency department with a huge bandage on his head. He tried to rip off the tape holding it in place but it was over his hair so he gave up pretty quickly. Finally we got a bed in the children's section and it didn't take long for the doctor to come around and inspect his head. Cooper was so brave throughout the whole ordeal, the toughest part for him was removing the tape from his hair. We had to wait there for 4 hours after the incident to make sure there wasn't any internal bleeding. By 10:30pm Cooper was getting a little restless and we kept him entertained by reading books and playing with baby toys. Finally we got the all clear to come home by 10:45pm and Cooper was alseep within 5 minutes of getting into this carseat. Luckily Grandma came up to watch the boys so Darren could come in and keep us company.

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Lisa said...

oh my! that must have been one tough night! i am happy that everything worked out well! my daughter had a similar accident a few years ago and i think i was asleep faster than her home from the hospital :)