July 17, 2009

Riley this week you...

1. Had 2 sick days off school due to a nagging cough
2. Finally got to sleep at 9:30pm after coughing constantly for two and a half hours.
3. Enjoyed some ANZAC food on your last day of school including condensed milk, corned beef, camp meat, ANZAC biscuits and SAO's and cheese.

4. Wore mufti day clothes for last day of term.
5. Walked mud through the house when we got back from school.
6. Played Bratz on your DS and asked me not to tell anyone.
7. Packed your own lunch for school when I was running late, which included a large box of tiny teddies.

8. Had honey and eucalyptus lollies to try and soothe your sore throat.
9. Walked to the car with Brooke.
10. Made a whole range of guns out of textas and put them on your display shelf.
11. Had a meltdown when Cooper broke your "bestest gun ever"

12. Enjoyed playing the Wii while Grandma looked after you at Dylan and Jared's house while I did reading with Nathan.
13. Brought home your school report. Mrs Bouvet thought you worked very hard and had a "flair for writing". We were very pleased with how hard you have been working at school.

14. Wanted McDonald's for your reward dinner and loved the Ice Age 3 toys that you got.
15. Told me that you thought Daddy was playful and smart and that he was a good dad.
16. Played Runescape on my computer while the TV repairman replaced the TV. You asked me later when we got a new TV.

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