August 25, 2007

Nothing much

p>is happening around here today. Got my cashcard sorted out for my trip, got a good rate with low commission so I was happy. When I was out collecting the post I saw this guy sitting in the sun in the garden beside the driveway.


I got Nate and took some photos, after we spent some time getting closer and closer, Nate and I discussed the possibility that he might be dead. I was about to get a stick to poke him when Nate said he saw him blink. Then he turned, flashed his blue tongue and snuck under the driveway. Thank goodness I didn't touch him, I think I would have sprouted a bunch of new grey hairs.

Nate is having a Ninja day today. He saw me playing peek-a-boo with Cooper and claimed the headband for himself. He has been doing Ninja moves all morning and is now watching Power Rangers.


Cooper has developed a new habit (one of many new ones) that I am not particularly fond of, picking all of my flowers, and I mean all of them. I have a couple of pots of marigolds and a few filled with pansies and he picked the whole lot, didn't even save me one to admire. Luckily I have a basket of pansies up on the gate that he can't reach.


After seeing this girl's blog I have been trying my clothes in different combinations. I have two tops on that I haven't worn together before and I really like how they look together.


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