August 23, 2007

Got some cash

22082007_15115_pm_029_3Oh my goodness, the Aussie dollar doesn't buy much. I decided to get a small amount of pounds and most of my money for Italy. It doesn't look like much for 8 days in Italy, I am going to find it hard to keep to the 20 kilo luggage limit. I asked Nathan what he would like me to bring him back from Italy and he asked for a little car filled with lollies. I have also been practising the few words of Italian I know, I did Italian in Year 3, 30 years ago. Nathan also sang me an Italian song that he learnt at pre-school and I am looking forward to learning a few words from my cousin. I also got a new battery for my video camera, I was thinking of not taking it, then decided it would be great for me to show the boys when I got home. I also got my travel size skin care, Cooper decided he liked the taste of the perfume sample the lady gave us. The poor guy spent most of the morning strapped in either the car seat or the pram. I am going to get out my suitcase tonight and make myself a packing list, I think I have planned to take too much stuff, especially with the amount of room the cords and camera will take up and the fact that i am taking a small suitcase.

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