August 27, 2007

Just about done

packing my case. I washed all of my clothes over the weekend, we are having sunny, warm weather, I think the first really warm day since last Autumn. The boys are in shorts today and wearing their hats. Darren has taken the older two for a ride down the lake while I finsih getting things ready, Cooper is still asleep.

I am taking my small suitcase, the one I took to America fours year ago. It has been difficult to decide what to pack since we are going to both England and Italy. I looked up today's temps and found Geneoa to be min 20 and max 27 oC and Newcastle min 8 and max 18 oC. I am worried about getting too hot in Italy but luckily the north looks to be cooler than the south. I managed to fit all I wanted and it weighs around 15kgs, with just my toiletry bag to go in. That leaves me a few kilos for souvenirs and my day pack is empty so I have that to fill also.

I also got the thank you cards made for the people we will be staying with, Kay did the shopping for the presents. Next I have to wrap the presents I have bought the boys, I have a little something for each Saturday I am away. I also want to write them some little notes for Riley to read the Nathan each night before bed. I usually read Nate his bedtime story so that might be the time he misses me.


I also made the little album for Riley's soccer coach, I printed out some photos and wrote a little thank you in it, nothing fancy, nice and simle but done. Riley liked the look of it so I have to put his together. I was also putting together my little brag book to show relatives and the oys got theirs out and we added a few more photos to their books. They love having a little book of photos to get out and have a look at.


It was exciting getting out the travel box, the one with my passport, money belt and other things I need for my trip. I found a few US dollars to take, we have about 4 hours in New York airport so I will take this to buy a drink, I think I will get a little more changed. At least I should be able to update my blog while waiting for the connecting flights.

When the boys get back we are going to go for a bush walk and then to the Noodle bar for dinner, our last day together before I go.

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