August 20, 2007

A bad few days

Cooper and I have been sick, with different things but both sick. I went to the doctor's on Thursday and need to get my test results back tomorrow, I am on antibiotics. I am going to take Cooper to the doctor's as he has been feral for the last two days, constant whining, not like him at all. I thought it may be his ears again but I felt in his mouth tonight and thought I could feel a new tooth at the back. Maybe his 2 year old molars are coming through, he suffered badly when his eye teeth came through so I am hoping it is not his teeth that have him this upset.

I didn't get much done this weekend for my trip. I have a list a mile long of things I have to do. I am going to try and do the banking stuff tomorrow. Mum rang tonight and said it is quite warm over there so I will be packing a few lighter clothes. It hasn't sunk in that I am flying out in 13 more sleeps. I am actually a bit nervous about going away for so long but Darren assures me that he will be fine, I hope the boys will be OK and not miss me too much.

Ok back to watching "Meet the Fockers" - Darren and I are both in stitches :)

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