August 16, 2007


well I am now on the side closer to 40!

I had a lovely day, the boys came in with the pictures they had made me. Nathan brought his Peter Rabbit book in and read it to me. Riley gave me the picture that he drew the day before, it had a butterfly, tulip and bird on it. Darren made me bacon and eggs for breakfast and got the boys ready for school. I had morning tea with Hel and she gave me a candle, all wrapped in pink. Katharine was down from Brisbane on her way to Europe so she came over for lunch. It was so nice to catch up with her, I really miss her. We were supposed to be going out for dinner but I wasn't feeling too well so Darren made the boys burritos and we had take away Thai from my favourite restaurant Hom Thai. Later on Darren and the boys gave me a book with a little reading light and some slippers to take away with me and they all made me one of the birthday cards that I love, Darren always thinks of clever things to do with the boys for my card.

Nathan and I made a pink marble cake, I decided since I am the only girl in the house I was having pink.





Mum had already left for England so she sent me a card with a gift voucher, I am going to spend it on iTunes to load up my iPod before I go and Darren's mum sent me a travel dairy. I am going to make a list of things I want to get done in the next year but that will be another post

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