July 29, 2007

A nice family day

p>Soccer was at 9:50 today so we all made it down, Cooper has been really sick and we haven't been taking him to the early games and he woke up at 5am this morning but went back to sleep after a drink of water. We all slept in til 8am which was great, we all needed that little extra sleep. I don't think I have slept a full night for at least 3 weeks with Darren working extra hours and the boys waking due to their illness.

Riley ended up playing both halves, we thought he might not make the whole game since he has been sick with tonsilitis all week. Shane asked if he wanted to play goal keeper and he wasn't interested, he loves the running and tackling too much to stand in the goals with nothing to do. They won their match by a long way again today, they are a pretty strong team and have only lost one game the whole season. Shane is a great coach and Riley is learning to tackle, he can kick the whole length of the field and has sent many kids off crying because he has hit them with the ball.


When he first started playing we had to force him to eat an orange, now he has one every week, although he still won't eat them at home.


After soccer I headed in to town to look for a bed, we have been needing one for a very long time and DJ's were having a sale. I found one and got it on 18 months interest free. It was so comfortable, we don't get it delivered til the middle of August since I got the floorstock model, saving $400. I also bought two new pairs of Birkenstocks, I was so happy to find them, I usually go in to Michael's every four months and they never have anything I like in my size. I am so relieved I found some to take to England with me, my old ones are a bit tatty and smelly.

Since the weather was gorgeous we spent the afternoon in the front garden pruning our shrubs that had grown too big and were taking over. Darren washed his bike, Nate of course was out there helping him and I took Cooper out to play and watch Darren and Nate. We all had a sit on the driveway enjoying the sun, I even ending up lying down on it for a minute as it was so warm. I then decided to get the pruning shears out as the side garden was looking very unloved. Next thing I know I have a huge pile of cuttings on the driveway and the bush is looking alot better. I went over to borrow Cathy's green bin and we quickly filled it and ours, Darren is such a sweetie, he always put the piles of clippings in the green bin for me, I am always happy to prune but hate that final step. I then decided to put the cuttings in the back of the car and take it to the tip. We piled the boys in the back and I left Darren weeding and headed to the tip knowing that it closed at 4pm. We got there at 3:59pm and the gates were already shut, guess they close early on a Saturday. Nate fell alseep on the way back, Riley played his gameboy for the trip and Cooper cried for a little while then found something to amuse him out the window. Cooper didn't have much of a sleep today as his runny nose really bothered him.

I think Darren enjoyed pruning the bush as he started on the other one near the garage. We have been fighting it for many years as it overhangs the path, well it is gone now. The cuttings are on the front lawn waiting for the trip to the tip tomorrow, I am hoping they let me in for free since it is green waste, it will be $8 otherwise.




I plan to move a rose from out the back to this spot and have some bulbs and annuals to try and pretty up the front garden. I am going to try and plant out this bed without having to buy any plants, using seeds and cutting from around the garden. I already have some bags of manure and there is plenty of bark to use.

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