July 30, 2007

A beautiful night

Tonight is the second night of the full moon, last night I got up at 11:30 to turn off the hose, I had left it dripping and it was like daylight outside, the moonlight had lit up the whole backyard, I didn't even turn on the outside light. I tried to get a shot of it tongiht with the clouds all around, I really need to get a tripod.


Today was such a busy day. I went shopping with mum and Kay to Miranda to buy a few more things for my trip. Got a new umbrella and clear raincoat, I also got Nathan some new undies and t-shirts. He has had such a growth spurt lately that he is grown out of size 4 t-shirts and is on to size 5. He could get away with wearing Riley's t-shirts. He is still wearing size 4 bottoms, tiny toosh that he has.

Darren took the stump out of the front garden, he says he is feeling sore from all of the digging but there is still more to do, there is a heap of roots to remove. It is a good job that we took it out when we did because the roots were pulling the downpipe off the wall. The boys had fun playing soccer and football with Holly, Darren made a footy kicking tee with a lemonade bottle cap, they also had fun using next door's trampoline, they were out so the boys had fun not having to share.

I got all of the washing put away tonight, there is nothing I hate more that starting off the week with 4 baskets of washing to be put away. I am going to reading with Riley tomorrow, I hope Cooper is well enough to go to mum's, he was pretty ferral today, his cold is quite bad, his nose is constantly running and he isn't eating much but he gets lots of cuddles of Grandma so I think he will enjoy himself, that and Grandma always walks them to the shops, buys them a donut and then they have a play on the swings at McDonalds.

I read a story or two to Nate every night, sometimes we lie down to read but most times we sit on the end of the bed. Tonight we read Doctor Maisy and Maisy's bathtime, he wanted to read the Maisy flapbook but it was getting late and he is still tired from being sick so it had to be a quick story as it was already past 7pm. He also likes me to tuck him in real tight, tucking his Nemo quilt under his body so he looks like a worm then his blankie on top, I tell him grandad used to tuck me in like that when I was a little girl and he asks to be tucked in like grandad most nights.

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