July 21, 2007

Back to playgroup

Things are back to normal now school is back this week so we had playgroup this morning.

Playgroup hasn't been so fun lately and we have missed quite a few Friday's due to illness. Cooper decided to hit on the head all of the kids that were younger than him, I spent the whole morning following him around and then trying to catch him before he slugged another one. At least most of the mums felt my anguish as they cuddled their little ones. I decided to strap him in his pram when he hit one of them, I think he went in there about three times and boy was it a struggle to get him in, he arches his back and goes as stiff as a board, I really have to fight to get him in. He settles down once I get him clipped in but boy he puts up a big fight twisting and turning one I get his bottom on the seat. Nate had fun playing handball with his friends, Logan and Ethan and after being taken home from climbing to the top of the slide a few weeks ago he has been as good as gold. I was also nervous about Cooper climbing on the play equipment after he had his big fall off the steps last term. I wouldn't even let him go on it today and took my post by the steps to stop him, he only tried twice then kept busy playing chasings and kicking the balls around.

After Cooper's sleep the two of them played outside, they had great fun playing chasing with the pegs. Cooper's boot came off so he ran round and round the table with me running after him trying to get his boot on. In the end he tripped over so I could catch him, he is getting too quick for me now and I am usually out of breath by the time I catch him.

Darren is working tomorrow so he picked Riley up from school so they got the play outside a little longer.

Here Nate is putting pegs on the tree, Cooper doesn't mind that he cannot climb up, he is just happy to be playing with one of the big boys.


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