May 09, 2007

First gumboots

I bought Cooper his first pair of gumboots today, size 5, he had great fun outside walking around in them. He was a bit wobbly at first because they are loose but he was happy to put them on. He came to the back door calling me when one came off. When I went outside he walked over to the boot and pointed to it, he has a fondness for shoes at the moment. I tried to show him how to put them back on but I think that may take a while.


It also struck me while watching Cooper play with Benson how much the boys are going to miss him when he is gone. Benson's arthritis is getting bad now and will probably get worse as the weather gets cold. I can see Cooper demanding us for another dog when Nate and Riley are at school and Benson is gone. They have so much fun together, Benson is especailly fond of Cooper since Cooper loves to share his biscuits with him.


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