May 07, 2007



I feel like I have a thousand balls up in the air at the moment. I have so many things racing around in my head I cannot seem to get anything done. I love that I do all of these things but I need to get some organization back into my day.

    1. P&C obligations – Mother’s Day stall, Fashion Parade
    2. Reading for Riley
    3. Weight Watchers meetingsBirthday parties for the boys
    4. Planning for England
    5. 3 visits gym/week
    6. Swimming
    7. Gymnastics
    8. Soccer
    9. Playgroup
    10. Grocery planning/shopping
    11. house cleaning (yeah right)
    12. Cooper to get his shots
    13. me to get my thyroid checked
    14. Mother’s Day
    15. Washing put away
    16. Ironing
    17. Back up digital photos to DVD
    18. Update blog
    19. Scrapbooking classes

Just looking at this list makes my head spin.

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