April 27, 2007

Getting closer

I have to say I was pretty happy after I weighed in this week, I lost another 1.9kgs (total of 4.5kgs). I cannot believe how easily the weight is coming off, my clothes are starting to get loose and it has only been two weeks. Making it to the gym three times last week obviously paid off, and I actually don't mind going, getting really puffed is not so scary for me anymore and I enjoy listening to my iPod without any distractions. Although I did make the mistake of telling Natalie (my personal trainer) that I was over my cold, boy did she make me work hard, she increased my weights and I got to the point where I couldn't lift my arms higher than my ears. She is off to South Africa for 8 weeks, I am hoping she notices a big change in my weight when she comes back. My PT session will now be on a Wednesday so it will be interesting to see if that affects my weight loss as I weigh in on a Tuesday.

I actually wore my brown cords yesterday, it has been over a year since I have fit into them and they weren't tight around the waist either.


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