April 23, 2007


that's how many calories I burnt off at the gym yesterday. I felt so strong doing my workout, even on the cross trainer. I have noticed that my heartrate seems to max out at around 174, whilst two weeks ago it was reaching 182, I hope that means I am getting fitter. This is also the first time I made it to the gym for my scheduled three times and guess what, I actually survived.

I want to post some pictures to progress my weight loss, so here is the first one


Yesterday I managed to collect all of the calendons off the tree. It was so heavy with fruit, I am hoping Grandma will make some marmalade out of it.


In other news Cooper now has a dose of conjunctivitis and Nathan has it in his other eye. The two of them has swollen eyes this morning and needed a shower to clean them out. This means that Nathan will be missing out on Brooke's 6th birthday party but I have promised him a big piece of birthday cake and lolly bag and Darren has promised to sit down with him and watch Ice Age 2. Nate seems pretty happy with that.

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