April 15, 2007

First game of the season

Riley has begun his second year of soccer and is in a team with two of his friends from last years team, he has to play in the Under 6's again. Most of the kids in the team go to his school and they are playing 7 a side this year.

I was so impressed by how fast he was running, he could easily keep up with the other team but he wasn't too confident about tackling the other player, a lot of times his kick was too late. He went really well with his kicking and even had a long shot at goal, no sight of any slide tackles yet. He hit two of his team members in the face due to his hard kicking and they both came off crying, he is pretty strong and has a mean kick, he is also the tallest in the team. Overall he enjoyed the game and the little packet of lollies given to them by the coach.

This is a picture of his first game last year, notice him at the back of the pack, red faced.


This is Riley in his first game this year, taller and stronger, the clothes don't swamp him as much. His soccer boots are now a size 2 (Nate enjoyed wearing his old pair and cannot wait to play next year) and he happily ran the length of the field to chase down the ball.


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