April 21, 2007

3 hours sleep

that is all I got last night.

The reason - look at that right eye


He got something in his eye at pre-school and then rubbed it all afternoon to get it out. When Darren picked him up his eye was an awful mess so he took Nate to the doctor's to get it checked out. The doctor gave us some eyedrops and couldn't find anything in his eye.

Nate woke around 10pm and his eye was completely swollen shut with lots of ooze coming out. We decided to take him to casualty so rang mum to come and watch the boys, we made the sofa bed up for her because we knew how long we would have to wait. We finally got to see a doctor at 1am after I threatened to take Nate home, the nurse bumped him up a place, I will have to remember that for next time. He got some dye in his eye and they found some small scratches but nothing too serious. Nate was so brave throughout the whole ordeal and loved playing with the toys until 1am. The eye was much less swollen when he woke this morning so we think it is on the mend.

As a reward for being so brave at the hospital and putting up with getting drops in his eyes every two hours I decided we would go and look for a toy. His choice - a blue light saber - was no contest really and a nice match to his green one. I haven't told him you can get a purple one, I might surprise him with that for Christmas.

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