April 14, 2007

Royal Easter Show

We made our annual visit to the Sydney Easter Show today and by the loud snoring coming from both bedrooms I think the boys had a great day. We had a bit of a whoopsy choosing train stations and ended up taking almost 21/2 hours to get to and from the show, at least we know for next year.

We started off doing the animal walk checking out the farm yard animals, cows, sheep, goats, pigs and horses. We didn't get to the chickens, ducks and geese and those are my favourite - oh well there is always next year.

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The boys had been preparing for the show all week, ever since the showbag brochure came in last Sunday's paper. Riley picked out the Magic showbag and Nathan a Western one, I also let them choose a $2 lolly one as well. Riley was behaving so well all day that I let him get an extra bag - a Ninja one, I will let you know if this was a good decision, I have my doubts as there is a bow and arrow set in it and lots of plastic knives.


Cooper really enjoyed watching everything from the pram and having the occasional walk around with mum or dad. The other two liked having a break from all of the walking by taking turns sitting in the pram.


Nathan just couldn't contain his excitement to be at the show. We battled with him for most of the day to keep him close to us, but he did so well walking around all day. He crashed in the car on the way home and wasn't too happy about having to have a shower. I bet he will be excited by his showbags in the morning.

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