March 25, 2007

Time in the Garden

I think yesterday might have been our last hot day for a while, the humidity has been up around 96%. We all woke up shivering this morning, the temperature was around 13oC, way too cold for summer PJ's.

Thank goodness for the air conditioning and that galvanised bucket I bought.


These boys are always hungry "mum can I have something to eat and not starting with fruit or crackers"


Riley is so helpful with Cooper, except when he tries to roar off at full speed and Cooper hangs on for dear life


I would classify him as a "walker" now - he doesn't drop down to crawl anymore. He looks so funny lifting his knees in front like he is marching with his hands up in the air


Almost fully open and they are pink. Nate was inspecting them this morning, I think he had plans to hit them with his monster truck.


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