March 23, 2007

Our First Welcome BBQ

So tonight we all rocked on up to school for the annual Kindergarten welcome BBQ. It was our first one as Cooper was only a few months old last year and I was just too pooped to go back then. Riley could not stop bouncing from the moment I picked him up from school til the moment his head hit the pillow.


The boys all had a great time and had a go on all of the rides end enjoyed their sausage sandwich and ice cream for dinner. I pulled the pin early when they started to fight while waiting in line and Riley chucked a paddy when he realised we were going home. Only when I got him home and he had cried and screamed for 20 minutes did I realise that he had virtually had nothing to eat all day. I can count on one hand the number of times this boy has had a meltdown and each one has involved a hungry stomach.





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