March 20, 2007

Autumn is here

It is so nice that the weather has started to cool - I have so many things I want to do around the garden. It is overcast today and a great day for taking photos outside and since Cooper is asleep, Nate is at pre-school and Riley is at school I decided to snap a few of my favourite things in the backyard at the moment.

This shoe and bowl were my mum's and are two of my favourite things in the garden. The bowl has travelled to Perth and back twice, it is superglued together after coming off second best with a scooter and Nathan has also used it as a commode. It is one tough little bowl.


The port wine magnoila is in flower at the moment and smells lovely everytime I walk past it or sit on the lounge by the window.


I saw this galvanised bucket at Big W on the weekend and had to have it, it is used for Benson's water at the moment. I think I may go and get a watering can too.


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