March 28, 2007

I think he likes getting dirty


Darren cut the back lawn yesterday since it has been raining so much and the grass was getting really long. Cooper was outside while he was mowing, he used to be scared of the lawn mower and cry the whole time Darren was cutting the back lawn. Not anymore! He was out there with his brothers getting covered in grass and dirt. I heard Darren yelling at him for eating a handful of dirt, hence the grotty face I threw the face washer outside and locked the door - no inside until they had cleaned themselves off.

20032007_50559_pm_004 20032007_51010_pm_019

Notice my foxgloves in the foreground looking all green and lush. They are flowering and I am excited yet nervous as Nate loves to pick my flowers. I haven't made a big deal of them as that would make them a target for sure.


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