March 29, 2007

Slowly, slowly


So yesterday was a good day, I fit back into my favourite green shirt and I tried on my brown cords and they fit as well. I have a drawer of clothes that I want to fit back into and the brown cords moved out of it back into the wardrobe.

I had my personal training session on Monday night and survived it, although my poor stomach muscles are feeling sore. We have cut back on the walker to Level 3 as my left knee began to play up when the walker was on a really steep incline. I can now do 10 minutes on the cross trainer and it isn't so painful so I am going to start adding 30 seconds each time I go on it. I have been missing Friday afternoons at the gym as by the end of the week I can't be bothered. So Darren and I have worked out that he is going to meet me at the gym after work so I don't have any excuse to miss it.

I still need to work on my food choices. By morning tea I am starving and then I am on the lookout for anything sweet to go with my coffee, the rest of the day is OK as I am pretty busy. I like the idea of pre-packaged snacks to keep in my handbag when I am out so I don't get to the ravenous stage. This week I am focussing on drinking my water and eating my fruit. Bed time is easy after I have been to the gym, I am usually unconcious by 9:30pm.

I haven't dropped anymore weight so I am going to stop weighing myself every week as I get depressed when I haven't dropped down. I am going to weigh myself once a month as I can tell when my eating is going well and I am losing weight.

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