March 03, 2007

Thank goodness for icy poles

Cooper has had the vomiting bug over the last few days, Riley had it after his birthday last week. It is really awful to see Riley with it but even more so to see my little baby sick and not being able to eat or drink. I like to think they get the sick bug because they suck either their thumb (Riley) or their fingers (Cooper), I don't think Nathan has ever had the chuck bug, he only sucks his tongue.

Anyhow Cooper had a restful day (slept 5 hours), managed to keep down an icy pole, which he devoured pretty quickly and had some dinner and a drink of water tonight. Nathan was such a great help to me, trying to keep Coopey happy when he was so miserable. Nate didn't eat too much today and looked really tired, I hope he isn't coming down with it as well. I don't think my stomach can handle much more.

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