March 02, 2007

Week 2

this counts as my official week 2 since starting at the gym, down 1 kg from last week

I love going to the gym and I am getting faster on the bike and treadmill, I cannot believe the difference a week has made, the bike does scare me a little though. However I am so totally exhausted by Friday that dinner for the last two weeks has been take away, I think I need to look at my gym schedule or plan the Friday dinner. Who am I kidding, I think I need to get to bed before 11pm.

Additional goals for this week are:

1. Lights out at 10pm, Sunday to Thursday

2. No more biscuits - going to throw them out of the house

3. Stick to the 1/4 protein, 1/4 carbs and 1/2 vegetables on the plate for dinner each night

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