March 13, 2007

I survived

So after having made 10 visits to the gym I booked an appointment with a personal trainer to get some help. Natalie was great, although she started late and finished early, will have to keep a check on that one.

I thought I was going OK with what I was doing but boy was I taking it easy. The cardio workout she designed for me left me gasping for breathe and barely able to walk. I am feeling pretty good today so maybe I can keep going at that pace.

Bike : BEFORE: Level 4, rolling for 25 minutes NOW: Level 6, intervals, 15 minutes

Cross Trainer: BEFORE: Level 1, 5 minutes (if I was lucky) NOW: Level 4, 10 minutes (my target for next week)

Walker: BEFORE: Level 1, 6.0 km/hr for 30 minutes NOW: Level 6, 6.1 KM/hr for 20 minutes

OK the cross trainer is the one that is scaring me, I only managed 8 minutes last night, but I determined to get to 10 minutes the next time I see Natalie in 2 weeks.

My plan is 3 visits this week: Mon night, Wed night, Friday night (Body Balance)

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