October 21, 2006

Eleven months

Ok now I am starting to freak out - my baby is almost one. He is having the time of this life getting into EVERYTHING, I can barely keep up with his crawling. He certainly is keeping me on my toes.


Things Cooper does at 11 months:

1. has two bottles/day - morning and night

2. still has 2 sleeps per day and wakes in the morning around 6am and will wait for someone to come and get him

3. is pulling himself up on things but can only get to his knees - not strong enough yet for this feet

4. loves anything that will slide on the floor - monster trucks, fire engine, stools, chairs, storage boxes, bikes, washing trolley

5. is chewing his food now, doesn't mind lumps in his food. He will always use his fingers to feel whatever is in his mouth and to take it out to inspect it.

6. Doesn't mind sitting in the pram while the other two are doing their things, loves to go for walks or be outside on the grass, especially when Benson comes over to play

7. Loves to chant dad-dee over and over and over and over

8. Loves to drop his water cup over the side of his high chair and toys over the edge of his pram and grab at things while sitting in his pram or the shopping trolley.

9. Is getting difficult at nappy change time, likes to twist so I cannot do up his nappy

10. Has five teeth with a new on just coming through. New teeth don't seem to bother him that much

11. Loves to be the centre of attention and will smile for anyone that will look

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