October 10, 2006

We're almost off

everything is ready, clothes packed, outfits chosen, kids routines written down, dishwasher done and clothes put away (couldn't be bothered with the ironing). Now all we need is for Grandma to turn up and Darren make it home from work and we are off for two nights with NO BOYS for Danielle & Brett's wedding! I have Nip Tuck Season 3 ready to go for the car ride and Darren has some work procedures. I also have a pedicure booked for the morning and my shopping list for IKEA on the way home (my 3rd visit in a month :))


I am taking some photos for the wedding and am really excited about it. My camera gear is all charged and memory cards clear. I have enough space for about 500 photos and I bet I use it all too!

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