July 12, 2010

Week 2 Day 1 Winter Holidays

Darren got up to give Cooper his breakfast so I got to have a little lie in. Cooper asked to have a shower so I was ready by 7:30am. He likes to have a shower in the morning with his little toy garbage bins. He was happy to be home for the red truck and waited patiently for it to empty each bin and waved to the driver as he drove past.

Adam came over about 10 so we all walked around to the top shop to replace Nathan's chewing gum that he shared out on the weekend. Nathan and Adam rode their bikes, Riley took his one roller blade and Cooper and I walked. The boys then went down to the jump and Cooper and I came home for some morning tea.

Grandma, Dylan and Jared came over for lunch with some hot chips and we all scoffed them down as it was after one and we were all starving. Dylan wanted some driving practice so we went to Kiama and they brought their fishing rods. We spent the afternoon on the jetty trying to catch a fish.

We named Nathan the "fish whisperer" as he was the first one to land two fish. He wasn't interested in keeping them and threw them back in the harbour when Jared unhooked each fish.

Dylan went on to catch three of his own. Jared forgot to take some bait so Nathan sweet talked a man cleaning some fish for a fish head for bait. They loved all the blood and guts and poking the eyes out with the scissors.

We all had a turn trying to get some bait off it with a pair of scissors. We also watched the pelicans go after the fish heads and a huge stingray (about 1.2m diameter) swim around trying to get the bait.

Riley and Nate managed to sit in a huge pile of dried pelican pooh while they were fishing.

On the way home Riley went with Dylan and Cooper and Nate enjoyed the back seat playing with their DS's.

The boys had a play at Dylan and Jared's while I came home to wash the car. It was covered in black soot from the rain last week and I ended up getting brake dust all over my hands.

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