March 02, 2009

Riley's 8th birthday sleepover

Riley has been waiting to have a sleepover for his 8th birthday for what seems like forever. He invited three of his buddies to sleepover and since the weather was warm enough we took them down to the beach for a swim. We had to take two cars since we didn't all fit in one.

Every time they go to the beach they go for a swim and then come out for a session of digging in the sand. It was a pity we didn't get down til late because they were all having such a lovely time.

We had a drink and bag of chips back at the car park and of course a game of towel flicking. It was getting past dinner time and they were all starving.

I am surprised that it all went so well, I was a little nervous at having 6 boys in the house but they all got along great playing the Playstation. They had a system to take turns so noone was left out and those who weren't on the Playstation got to play a DS. Cooper was happy to watch all of the action.

They managed to eat 4 pizzas and a Freddo Frog ice cream cake and go through 12 poppers. They got to sleep at midnight, were up again by 6:30am, ate Rice Bubbles at 8:30 then got dressed at 10:00. Darren took them home a lunchtime while I had a snooze on the lounge.

They were all fast alseep by 7pm, even Riley and I went to bed at 9:30pm

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