March 07, 2009

Re-arranged again

I got so sick of walking from the dining room to the laundry and back again every time I wanted to scrapbook that I decided to move my scrapping back into the laundry. This meant I had to get rid of my cheap printer so I could fit more on my desk. It wasn't working all that well so I am not that sorry to see it go. I will have be more economical with using the Epson for all of my printing needs as the ink refills are so expensive.

I brought the bookcase back out of the garage to hold all of my books and folders for family expenses and tax stuff. I like having my scrapping books back out where I can see them. I also rearranged the shelves on the wall and managed to fit most of the things I wanted on there and there is still empty boxes to fit more stuff in.

I feel, even for me that it is looking a little bland so I need to work out a way to add a little pop with all the white and pine.

I am not sure if I like the carousel on my desk as it is so big for the little amount it holds. I could easily fit three little IKEA pots on my desk, I will have to see how it works for me.

I still have to fill the white drawers under my desk but I can reach most things I use for my scrapping from my chair. I actually finnished a page today, from my DYL class. I only have a few more layouts to go but it was great ot finish it completely. Normally I leave the journalling and never get back to it.

It feels so good to get this page out of the way. I have been putting off assemblig the page for months.
I got another page done tonight, I love how my space is set up now.

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Lisa said...

i love your space, mel! that blue color is so soft and nice! and those layouts are rad!