January 13, 2009

Towradgi Beach

Mum has been taking the boys to Towradgi Beach in the school holidays for as long as she can remember. She even used to take me as a girl down there for a swim, we lived just a short walk from there. Now that Cooper is old enough to keep up he gets to some along as well. I couldn't believe but he walked the whole way, he even outlasted Nathan. Then when we got back to Kay and Glenn's house he went out in the backyard to pay with Daisy and the garbage bins while the others watched a DVD. They were all stuffed.

The boys all happily posed for a shot for Grandma, do you notice Dylan is even smiling.

Jared was always asking me to take pictures of all of the things he discovered.

Here they are looking for crabs. They found a dead one which Dylan threw at me, which he thought was really funny.

He has learnt that he can't go as deep as the others after nearly drowning last week. He happily plays on the edge only going up to his waist and enjoys running away from the waves. He loves the water so much that he sings Wiggles songs and he dances along the edge.

These 5 really enjoy each others company. There is no power struggles, they just enjoy playing and having a fun time. Dylan is great with Nathan and Cooper follows Nathan. Jared and Riley are always together with Jared showing Riley all of the little things he has found.

Nathan by this time was freezing and tired. They got wet on the way up the beach and this was taken when we were almost back at the car. I talked to Nathan about keeping dry and saving the swimming for the way back, not sure he will take any notice. Luckily I carried a towel to help warm him up a little bit. He absolutely screamed when it was time for a shower to wash off all of the sand.

Lesson learned: wash the sand out of the clothes before putting them in the washing machine.

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