January 10, 2009

Lazy Day

I didn't get of of my PJ's until 3pm and that was only because our neighbour knocked on the front door. Darren took Cooper for most of the day, it was nice to have a rest from him as he has been such a handful during the past week.

Cooper really enjoyed following Darren around, he went with Darren for a new driver's license, cut the grass and then went out with Darren again to get some parts for the car. Darren has started serviceing the cars and we have been saving heaps of money on car maintenance. Here he wouldn't pose for a photo because he was too busy with Daddy. I was hoping to get a picture of him wearing his hat and glasses, just like Daddy.

Since I had the morning off I decided to label all of my albums again. Cooper pulled out the last lot so I made sure the tape them down. Hopefully he has forgotten the past and the albums will stay nicely labeled. It had been driving me nuts that I couldn't easily work out what was inside the albums.

Nate did a great job of helping me, he is always drawn to me when I am working at the craft table or doing some scrapbooking. He even wrote out a label for a future scrapbook page.

Finally guess who has found a new place to dig in my garden. "You rotten bugger" was my reply. He knew he was in trouble and made a quick getaway. I am forever sweeping up the dirt he has spread all over the concrete. I won't be too happy with him if he keeps digging up this garden, it is my favourite garden for flowers.

Darren and I have started watching Seinfeld from the very beginning and it still makes us both laugh.

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