February 02, 2008

Nathan's First Day


"I can't believe I am going to big school"

Nathan was so terribly excited that his big day had finally come. He was ready early and let me take some photos of him, he just couldn't wipe the smile of his face. Darren and Grandma also came along to see him on his first day. His check-in time was 9:10 so we had a bit of time waiting around after dropping Riley at his new classroom. Mrs Matts is his teacher so he is in KM, altough they are going to be making another class so he may change yet. He enjoyed drawing and writing his name on the chalk board and wanted me to read him a few stories before it was time for me to leave. He was very anxious when it was time to leave as he didn't know any of the kids in his class.

I went to pick him up at 2:30 and I saw him lined up to come out to mee the parents. He had a huge smile for me so I know he had a good day. He was wearing a hat they had made and was keen to tell me about his day. "It was so much fun, you should come mum". He sat next to Matthew and Kiara at the red table and they sang somgs. He played tip with Barrett at luchtime and he didn't like the fact that they had to stay in teh Kindergarten play area at lunchtime. He got to play at the park afterwards and then had fun waiting to meet Riley and Brooke and Hayden.

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