February 04, 2008


He's off to a great start to Year 2. The first thing he said to me when he was walking towards the car on his first day was"I'm in Hayden's class!". Well that obviously meant to me that he was in a composite class - great. He is over the moon about it, he has Mr Gunning and is in 2/3G, I thought he would love a male teacher but he is so excited about it. So far he thinks Mr Gunning talks a lot "you think I am a motor mouth, he is a speedy motor mouth, but don't tell him that, he even wore out his batteries". Mr Gunning talks about Science alot and they have watched a couple of Science shows on TV after lunch. I am worried about there only being 6 year 2's compared to 20 year 3's but I will monitor his progress. We have a meeting tomorrow on composite classes so hopefully we will find out more information about how the classes are going to be run. He is already friends with some of the year 3 boys, I saw Anthony tap him on the shoulder to play and they walked off to together. The year 2 and 3 boys are also playing soccer together so I don't think he will fall out of the loop. The 2/3G classroom is amongst the Year 3 rooms and they have to go along to the primary assembly in the mornings, something that should only start in Year 3. I am sure, knowing Riley, that he is loving every minute of it, I always loved to do things above my age so I understand his excitement.

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