October 14, 2007

Wants to be like them

One thing I have noticed about Cooper since coming home from my holidays is how desparate he is to do the things the older two boys are doing. He is not yet 2, I really thought I had more time before it would start.

Here Riley is showing Cooper how to use their new toys they got, normally I would have only bought ones for the older two but I have learnt that Cooper wants exactly what they have.


Tonight I asked Darren to set up the portable chair so he could sit with Riley and Nate in the hope that he would see what they were eating and try to follow. It worked, he put a carrot to his mouth, didn't eat it but at least he didn't throw it, and he peeled and tasted a banana. Looks like it might work putting him at the table with his brothers. He sure did look tiny at the big table.


They had so much fun playing with their tents today. I got their pillows and blankets and they requested their teddies. Cooper walked inside and pointed to his room for me to follow. When we got to his room he pointed to his babies (teddies). He wanted his teddies outisde like his brothers.


Being Sunday morning I was allowed to use the hose, due to water restrictions. When I had finished watering I let Cooper water the lawn. It didn't take too long to turn into a water fight involving all three of them. They all got soaked but had so much fun. Cooper was devastated when I had to turn off the hose, it was 10am.


He went through four sets of clothes today.

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