October 16, 2007

Back to School

Riley is back at school and Nathan had pre-school today so I had quite a productive and restful day. It was a hot and windy morning so Cooper and I spent the morning watering all of my flowers and vegies in the backyard. I thought it might be fun to get the little pool out since he was soaking wet anyway. He filled it up with the hose, I took off his shorts and nappy and plonked him in it. He hadn't been in the pool before because last summer he had his grommets in so he was never allowed near the water. At first he wasn't sure what to do, he didn't even want to sit down. I called out a few instructions for him, like sit down, and go and get it when he threw his toys out. After that he was in his element and wasn't too happy when it was time to come out.


Also Nathan got accepted for school next year, his orientation is on Nov 1 and 8. We had to apply becasue the school that Riley goes to is out of area for us. I didn't think there would be a problem but at least now I don't have to worry about it. So he is off to big school soon and I am sure it is going to be harder on me that it will be on him.

Cooper was having his sleep this afternoon and I was working on my holiday album when I heard the news on the TV. There was a bush fire close to where we live, then I realised I could hear the helicopters and planes flying overhead. I couldn't see any smoke but the planes were buzzing overhead all afternoon. I did manage to get a shot of one of them flying past.


Lastly I have been noticing the bottlebrushes in full bloom, they are everywhere on the streets at the moment. This one is from across the road, I am hoping to get a close up of some tomorrow.


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