August 22, 2007

Much better


Well I am having a much better day today. I found some photos of Italy on Flickr and that got my pulse racing, Sue (my second cousin) posted a photo of mum and herself on her blog, that also got my pulse racing and I started sorting out the songs on my iPod and I ordered my camera bag, which was something I was stressed about so I just ordered it. I think I have gotten over the guilt of leaving the boys for so long and now I am starting to get excited. I will be in Italy in 15 days!

Nathan was with me when I bought the Star Wars II game for the playstation, he told Riley, guess he couldn't help himself, so now Riley is constantly asking me when am I leaving. I have bought a few presents for Darren to give to the boys while I am away. One thing Riley gets from me is that when he wants something he doesn't give in so I am guessing I will be hearing alot more questions about my departure date.

Cooper had a huge sleep today, he is still alseep, so i watched Shark and then Oprah. Bob Greene was on talking about the best life challenge and one of the contestants talked about not wanting to change her lifestyle and the diet must fit in with her lifestyle. That is the line of thinking that I have had in the past, I don't want to change any of my bad habits but I also want to fit in 5 visits to the gym each week. This is the reason I have been feeling so overwhelmed. They talked to another guy about having high expectations and going flat out and burning out, that is also something that I do, he had a negative opinion on every aspect of his life, ditto. I have to change my lifestyle and my thinking, I have even thought about taking the TV out of the lounge room when I get back so I cannot be tempted to sit in the recliner so often. What do you think Darren?

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