August 01, 2007

This morning's outside activities


I came out of the front room today to hear Cooper stomping his feet, I knew what that sound meant, I raced out to see Cooper standing on top of the outside table.

I had left him in his bedroom with the sliding door locked! I can still clearly remember when Riley learnt to open the back door, he would end up in the garden at 7 o'clock in the morning. This time of the morning means that he is not dressed, it is cold, the grass is wet and muddy and the most important two, the dog pooh hasn't been picked up and the dog water is still down on the ground waiting to be splashed in.

He does think he is clever though, notice the thumb lifting the lock, he can open the glass door lock too.


Cooper was trying to sweet talk Benson into playing ball but he wasn't interested, his back legs are getting too sore from the cold, even though he sleeps in the garage with two wollen blankets.


Cooper hepled me pick a bunch of chrysanthemums for my little posy vase on the kitchen window sill. I have never picked these before and I think they look really pretty.


I also cleaned the windows with methylated spirits and an old face washer and was pleased with how clean they look. Normally I use windex and paper towel but my new way will save some money and they are cleaner too.

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