July 31, 2007

A good day

Riley has been having a run of awards given to him, all due to his hardwork and determination. Last week he received and award for the player of the week at soccer, his coach came up to him after the game and told him "Riley that was your best game ever, well done". What a way to make a 6 year old feel great, that made my heart smile for him.


Today he received:

1. Bluey from school for his best effort in his story writing, something he struggles with. I love it when a teacher recognises and rewards a child for working hard at something they need to improve.

2. Award from swimming for progressing up to the next level, something he has been working very hard with, he got to ring the bell and move into the Minnow class. Nate took his spot swimming with Lynda.

3. Bravery award from mummy for being so brave in the dentists chair for at least 15 minutes while the dentist put a cap on his damaged adult tooth, I am glad he couldn't see me squirming in the corner when the dentist was using the drill. His feet did tense up for a while and lift of the chair but the dentist was so great with him he relaxed and worked hard at keeping his tongue out of the way and his mouth wide open.

Way to go Riley, you deserve all of this recognition for the hard work and best effort you put into doing all the things that 6 year old do.

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