July 12, 2007

Back to business

My fitness is getting better so I have increased my plan when at the gym.

Bike - Level 7 interval - 15 minutes - wow those few extra dots on the screen sure make a difference

Cross trainer - Level 3 - 10 minutes - this was fairly easy, will increase the level next time

Walker - Level 5 fat burner - 20 minutes - this was pretty tough

I am really enjoying my time at the gym and am planning to go three times, adding Saturday morning in. Natalie is back and I really like her style of training so I am not stressing over that. I bought a new pair of jeans to take to England with me and they are a bit tight at the moment so my motivation is high to have them loose when I go. Only 7 weeks til we fly out, and the excitment is starting build, also the panic at how many things I need to organise :)

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