May 18, 2007

18 months


So my little trouble-maker guy is 18 months today, he is such a gorgeous little guy, he now gets into absolutely everything and is driving me crazy gives us cuddles which of course melts our hearts. I thought it might be fun to list some of things he gets up to on a morning, so here we go:

18 things you did today before lunch

1. ate porridge for breakfast and two fingers of toast

2. threw the remaining 4 fingers of toast on the floor

3. called out "more" for the last bit of orange juice from my cup, I refilled it for you several times

4. took Riley to school and today you didn't buck in the car seat

5. came to Woolies with me and loved walking thru the carpark holding my hand

6. called out "more" when the fruit sticks went into the basket

7. ate two fruit sticks in the trolley and then asked for "more"

8. tried to help me get the 2L coke zero out of the trolley, you didn't lift it very far

9. ate two slices of turkey while I put the groceries in the car

10. threw your slice of turkey and whined for the little CD player and I asked if you wanted the "music?"

11. played boo, while you sat in the car seat and I unloaded the groceries from the car

12. had a slice of cheese while I unpacked the groceries, crumbled the last bit on the floor

13. turned the frnt TV on and the volume up really loud then run into the kitchen when the TV scared you

14 took the feather duster out of the hall cupboard and pulled all of the feathers out of it, my ostrich feather duster imported from the US, it is now put on a higher shelf

15 threw the pig against the wall after I changed your nappy

16 played outside and went looking for Benson, calling out "Beeee"

17 got into the pot containing the lemon tree and threw dirt all over yourself, it is still stuck in your hair

18 tried to climb up the kitchen cupboard door to get a fly that was on the microwave door

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