April 05, 2007

Oh man that was bad

Nate thought he would be kind and share his flu with everyone in the house, luckily Riley managed to escape it. I am only beginning to feel better today, once the flu gets into my sinuses I know I am history for at least two days. One good thing to come out of my being sick is that I have not had a coffee or coke zero for three days, let me repeat myself no coffee and no coke zero for three days. I am thinking that might have something to do with why I am feeling so nauseous all day long, that or the elephant size anitbiotics I am taking. I am feeling much better today so maybe I have already been through my detox and I am planning to keep off it, the lemon and ginger tea I am drinking tastes pretty good.

I took Cooper along to the doctor's as he was off his food and pretty upset most of the time. It turns out both of his ears were infected. He absolutely lost it when the doctor looked in his ears, I don't think she hurt him but just that his ears hurt so bad. She initially prescribed 5 ml of antibiotics and I pleaded with her for a more concentrated one, now I only have to give him 1.2ml 3 times/day. Cooper has perfected the art of using his tongue to catch any medicine that is put into his mouth so he can spit it right back out and I knew that I had no hope of getting a whopping 5 ml down his throat.

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