April 05, 2007

He never stops

Now that Cooper is walking he is constantly walking around the house looking for things to do. Very rarely he will sit in his room to play with his toys so I make him sit in his chair for 15 minutes watching The Wiggles after his morning tea so he gets a rest. He always has wet hair from sweat and by 11am he is getting pretty tired and cranky. He also has a few bruises on his head where he hasn't learnt to stop before crashing into something. The table is a bad area for him and he has manged a few injuries in the last week.

3042007_33534_pm_083 3042007_33600_pm_088 3042007_33616_pm_090

He hasn't learnt to stand up from the sitting position without hanging onto something. This means he walks on his knees til he finds something he can hang onto. No way is he going to crawl anymore.


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