February 21, 2007

"No mummy I am six now"

I told him he has to have 5 more spoonfuls of breakfast and that was my reply - woops!


He had a great day, got to take Fruit Tingles and balloons to school for his classmates. He brought home a card from his class and two birthday stickers. We bought him dinosaur lego, batman Hotwheels, Matchbox planes, Meccano (which needs Daddy's help) and some things for Playstation. He chose a green cake and I surprised him with silver sparkles, I thought they might be a bit girlie but he loved them, so did Nate who asked if they were metal. We had dinner down the beach, the boys couldn't go for a swim because of the blue bottles, they had fun walking over the rocks and having sand fights, Cooper enjoyed eating it.



Riley is such a beautiful boy, he has a heart of gold and tries his best at whatever he does. I am so proud of how he is going at school and his swimming and how great he is at making friends, he is loyal and is always so excited to see someone he knows. He is a wonderful example to the younger two, although sometimes I wish he didn't have so much energy! We love you Riley and hope the next 6 are as good as the first.

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